Quick Extender Pro Review : Is it Worth your Money?

Buying a penis extender requires you to know what you are looking for.

Those just beginning their research on penis extenders should read my complete guide on the topic.

The kit should look like what you want (we all want that), and the features you should get.

The following things must be considered when purchasing an extender:

    •  The kit needs to look and feel soft. While the extender is rigid in itself, its use should not feel or look painful.
  •  Your size should be able to increase after making some initial gains.


Here’s what you need: The Quick Extender Pro

As part of this review, I am going to highlight some pros and cons that stood out to me, then go over some of the main features and benefits.

Our next step will be to discuss how the product works, as well as what you can expect to see in terms of results. You can check some before and after results here.

I’m ready to begin.


You can choose from several packages with the Quick Extender Pro. The Deluxe Kit can be ordered, or you can get a kit that targets the annoying curvature that bothers you.

The metal extender bars cannot touch your penis since special memory foam pads prevent them from touching you.

Rather than just holding tension in one place, you get two spots to do so.

Your device will be protected from damage by a carrying case.

In addition to adding a bit of pleasure to this process, a booster pump is also a fun option.


A system with so many accessories might be intimidating to some people.

If you can’t fit both support rings, you might feel frustrated.

The protective memory foam pads for the extender arms may not fit perfectly at first, since the device has to be set up first.

Benefits and Features You Should Know Before Buying

Getting results from Quick Extender Pro is easy because it gives you many options.

It is important for me to reflect on and illustrate the value of this device for you even though you’re just beginning to understand it.


Kits are all unique

The Deluxe Kit comes with extender arms, support rings, arm protection pads, and support rings. This program includes a tape measure that will help you keep track of your progress.

Penis extends and holds tension thanks to aluminum bars. Special pivot pieces are included in the kit, so that you can point the bars in the right direction to fit your penis.

If your results improve, you can upgrade to longer bars after covering the bars with a special foam sleeve.


Curvatures of a curve

However, you can start straightening it, so you can start to achieve a straight penis.

If you choose the Curvature & Peyronie’s Edition, you can reduce the curvature much more, and you will feel less discomfort.

Fitted to Your Needs

The back ring of the device is the part that goes on your back, and the extender arms are the part that goes on your genital area.

One ring will be placed under your penis, and the other will be placed behind it.

Your penis is not being forced to grow by being strapped into a singular device. You are using a custom device that fits your penis, exerts just the right amount of pressure, and can be easily removed.

Pumping Up

These kits also include a Booster Pump.

The pump aims to achieve more than one day’s worth of work can. When you are trying to grow your penis, pumping your own penis can be really enjoyable.


Using the Carrying Case

Because the mahogany storage box is beautiful, no one will know you have a penis extender.

People may think it’s just a pretty storage box if you hide it on a shelf. Additionally, the box looks sleek and sophisticated when placed on your vanity.

Guaranteed for Life

As part of the device’s warranty, you get lifetime support.

Quick Extender Pro is protected by the people behind the company and you know you’re protected up front.

Educational Videos

You can order educational videos online that teach you how to get better orgasms and maintain sexual health.

Taking care of yourself will allow you to use your bigger penis for the most fun you have ever experienced. You can use your bigger penis to make your partner happy.

Even supplements are available

When you buy the Deluxe Kit, you can find an XL pack of Rizer supplements.

It is important that you do everything you can to feel confident, and using supplements along with the Quick Extender Pro is an effective way to achieve this.

Wearing the Quick Extender Pro (How to Use)

You should start with the back of the device when you want to wear it.

When you put your penis inside the device, the back will be closed so that you feel some tension.

The device can be adjusted so it is not too tight, and the arms can be extended until they line up with the head of your penis.

Two rings are given to you:

You will place one at the head of your penis and the other just behind it. Make sure the first ring feels tight when you press it on your penis. Alternatively, you can cover the extender arms with protective sleeves if you wish.

During the day, wear the device, and at the end of the day, consider using the booster pump that comes with the Deluxe Kit.

These devices cause tiny tears in the tissue because of the way they work. These tears heal, which allows your penis to grow longer. Even better results can be obtained by using the suction in the pump. I know they do feel good.


Before and after using Quick Extender Pro

You should measure your results every day if possible.

Charts and apps that come with the device allow you to keep track of these results. Your penis has also softened, as you can see.

See if it works for other men by reading reviews online. It is possible to submit your own before and after photos to the company if you wish.

What is the price of Quick Extender Pro?

Several discounts are being offered at the time of this writing.

The Deluxe Limited Kit costs $349, the Deluxe Standard Kit costs $179, and the Value Kit costs $119. This kit costs $179.

There is no guarantee that these prices will not change in the future.

In the event of the discount going away, the price of the Deluxe Limited would jump to $1399, the Deluxe Standard to $719, the Curvature and Peyronies to $719, and the Value Kit to $479.

For more details on these discounts, visit the official website here:

Visit http://www.QuickExtenderPro.com


Results to Expect

During the first two months, you can expect to gain about half an inch.

In any case, this is based solely on what other men have said, and results may vary.

Apparently, half an inch is the industry average for the first two months, which is really amazing.

Customer Feedback: What do they think?

Your erections will be harder and you will make gains:

His erections are “much harder,” and he has gone from 6.2 to 6.7 inches. What more could your girl ask for?

There are even guys who take breaks:

According to one customer, the extender was only used five days a week, with weekends off. During the first two months of his use, he has already grown half an inch.

Other users feel better about themselves:

Moreover, it has enhanced his self-confidence — something we all need from time to time, don’t we?

There is only one alternative product to consider

SizingGenetics Ultimate System

Can Quick Extender Pro and SizeGenetics be compared?

That’s right, they are.

They are similar to the one mentioned above, having an extender arm that puts gentle pressure on your penis.

Their differences, however, are slight. Because of these differences, you may find yourself preferring one style over another.

Quick Extender Pro has two rings up front to help maintain tension on the penis, but SizeGenetics extenders have a single ring.

A very popular extender is SizeGenetics, which is approved by the FDA.

You can also consider Phallosan and Penimaster Pro extenders. Phallosan forte is one of the most comfortable though it takes longer to get results.



How Much Penis Extender Do You Need?

Take a moment to consider:

What if you could potentially add inches to the size of your penis in a matter of months?

A device like this one provides easy-to-use, safe, and effective results.

It’s highly recommended that you look into the Quick Extender Pro if you’re interested in these types of products.


My Quick Extender Pro Review #Results with Pics Before and after 5 months [2022]