Summer 2017  

ASCRS Bylaws Amendments Approved at Business Meeting

ASCRS Bylaws Amendments Approved at Business MeetingA number of proposed amendments to the Society’s Bylaws were approved by the voting Fellows during the Annual Business Meeting in Seattle on June 14. These amendments included some general housekeeping revisions along with several more substantive changes to:

  • Allow Members to participate on committees rather than restricting committee participation to Fellows of the Society. This will allow for increased volunteer participation.
  • Reduce the quorum of one hundred (100) voting members for the transaction of business to fifty (50) voting members.
  • Decrease the number of consecutive terms a Member-at-Large can serve on the Executive Council to one (1) three-year term in office (instead of an unlimited number). This change will provide additional leadership opportunities and will increase the diversity of the Executive Council.
  • Clarify that the President will automatically succeed to the office of Immediate Past President and the President-elect will automatically succeed to the office of President upon conclusion of their term in office.
  • Indicate that Committee charges will be determined by the President annually with respect to the Society's mission and strategic plan.

The approved Bylaws may be reviewed on the ASCRS website.

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