Summer 2017  

Public Relations Committee Names Media Award Recipient

ASCRS National Media AwardsThe author of two articles about colorectal cancer in younger adults published in the New York Times was awarded the Society’s 2017 Media Award. The ASCRS Public Relations Committee awards the Media Award for outstanding promotion of colorectal conditions and screening, in any media form (print, online, radio or television).

The articles, written by Roni Rabin and titled, “Colon and Rectal Cancer Rising in Young People” and “What Young People Need to Know about Colon Cancer,” were published online in February, and March, 2017 respectively. The articles focused on the increase in diagnosis of colorectal cancer in young people.

In “Colon and Rectal Cancer Rising in Young People,” Rabin references a study from the American Cancer Society that found that in every generation since the 1950s, colorectal cancer rates have been increasing.

In “What Young People Need to Know about Colon Cancer,” Rabin lists warning signs that young people should be aware of and stressed that millennials should be persistent if they feel something is not right with their bodies.

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