Summer 2015  
  • President Dr. Terry Hicks presents the 2015 David Jagelman, MD, Award for Advocacy in Colorectal Cancer to Nancy Roach, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Fight Colorectal Cancer, Washington, DC.
  • ASCRS Public Relations Committee Chair Dr. Roberta Muldoon (right) presents the 2015 National Media Award to Julie Holbert, a Founding Member of Meredith's Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation, and her husband, Glenn.
  • Noted Boston wildlife biologist, TV host, and cancer survivor Pat Spain speaks after accepting the Society’s 2015 Local Hero Award.

Society Awards for Colorectal Cancer Advocacy

The Society presented the 2015 David Jagelman, MD, Award for Advocacy in Colorectal Cancer, a National Media Award for excellence in creating public awareness of diseases of the colon and rectum, and a Local Hero Award at the Annual Meeting in Boston, MA.

The 2015 Jagelman Award went to Nancy Roach, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Fight Colorectal Cancer, Washington, DC. The 2015 National Media Award honorees were Meredith’s Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation, Lexington, KY, and its advertising agency, FCB/Chicago. The Society’s Local Hero Award, established to honor a patient affected by colorectal disease who resides in the area of the annual meeting, was presented to Boston wildlife biologist, TV host and cancer survivor Pat Spain.

The awards were presented by ASCRS Public Relations Committee Chair Dr. Roberta Muldoon, Nashville, TN.

A leading advocacy group, Fight Colorectal Cancer helps cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones ensure their voices are heard at home and on Capitol Hill. It is the sponsor of a national campaign, One Million Strong, launched in 2013 to raise awareness of colorectal cancer, encourage screening, and celebrate survivors. Ms. Roach began her fight against colon cancer in 1999 as Cofounder of Colon Cancer Alliance. She founded Fight Colorectal Cancer in 2005.

Meredith’s Miracles and its advertising agency, FCB/Chicago, were honored for an eye-catching “cheeky” campaign in Chicago that placed decals on the backs of bar stools as well as the seats on commuter buses creating the illusion that someone’s back side was partially exposed. Meredith’s Miracles is dedicated to providing financial assistance to young adults for the non-medical expenses of fighting colon cancer.

Spain, well known as the host of National Geographic Channel’s popular “Beast Hunter” series, returned from a visit to the Sumatra jungle with stomach pains that turned out to be symptoms of colon cancer. Diagnosed and treated at age 31, he then started doing speaking engagements to get the word out about screening for colorectal cancer and raising awareness in young adults.

“The incidence of colorectal cancer among young people has been growing, and we are very fortunate to have such a dedicated organization as Meredith’s Miracles and a passionate advocate in Pat Spain to reach this age group with messages about screening and prevention,” Dr. Muldoon says.

She said the Public Relations Committee was “especially impressed” with the nationwide impact of the One Million Strong Campaign, which has reached over 57 million this year alone.

“Fight Colorectal Cancer’s passionate advocacy deserves recognition in the tradition of patient advocacy pioneered by our own Dr. David Jagelman,” she says. The award honors the memory of a distinguished ASCRS member, who died from kidney cancer in 1993, at age 53.

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