Fall 2015  

ASCRS Joins LinkedIn, Shares Social Media Surveys Results

ASCRS LogoThe first rule of communication for a membership-based organization is to meet members where they are. Which social media sites are ASCRS members using to catch up on research and news in the field? What are some of the barriers to using them more effectively? To find out, the Social Media Committee developed and sent out a social media survey to ASCRS members that received 200 responses; some of the primary findings are shared below.

Three out of four respondents have a personal social media account
There’s no question that an increasing number of members have created a presence on social media. Three out of four respondents reported having at least one personal social media account, and of those, about half log in every day. Once said to be a place for the youngest generation to convene, usage was spread across all age demographics. More than half of the respondents were those who have been in practice for more than 15 years.

Facebook was the most popularly used site (57% of respondents), with LinkedIn (40%), Doximity (29%), Twitter (27%), and Google+ (22%) rounding out the top five.

Professional social media use
In comparison to personal accounts, professional social media account usage (e.g., your own practice page) has grown at a slower rate. One in three respondents have at least one professional social media account, of which Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the most commonly used.

Respondents said their greatest needs for maintaining a professional social media page are having enough staff to make updates (47%), help understanding how to use it (41%), more followers to spread its reach (36%), and litigation protection (15%). Although finding time will always be a challenge, using the social media sites does not have to be time consuming or difficult. The Social Media Committee will be developing materials to help those interested learn more about using social media. In addition, a new symposium on social media will be held on Sunday, May 1 during the Annual Scientific Meeting to discuss social media considerations for surgeons.

ASCRS and social media
With active Facebook and Twitter pages since 2009 and 2013, respectively, ASCRS now has more than 3,200 Facebook followers and 1,500 Twitter followers. This fall we joined LinkedIn, where 40% of survey respondents have accounts. If you’re on LinkedIn and not already following us, look us up. Following ASCRS on LinkedIn indicates your interest in your professional association on your profile and may help you connect to other professionals. The Society hopes its social media pages will help provide one more way to stay current on the organization and the field. The survey helped highlight what members are most interested in reading about on social media – relevant journal articles (76%), information about educational opportunities (63%), news about annual meeting and other societies (62%), Executive Council activities (43%), and committee updates (38%).

Send us your feedback
The 200 responses represented a nice sampling of the membership, but we’d love to hear from you. If you have other ideas about how we can make our online communication more valuable to you, contact Kyle Cologne, MD, chair, or Katie Macaluso, communications manager.

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