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ASCRS Committee Chairs, 2014-15

Dr. Amit MercheaASCRS Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs and their committees are now busy with the important work that occurs “behind the scenes” between the Society’s Annual Meetings. Below is a listing of 2014-15 Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs. President Dr. Terry Hicks thanks all committee participants for their vital contribution to the Society’s success.

Awards Committee
Jason Hall, MD, Chair
Garrett Nash, Vice Chair

Bylaws Committee
Michael Snyder, MD, Chair

Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee
Janice Rafferty, MD, Chair
Scott Steele, MD, Vice Chair

Continuing Education Committee
Judith Trudel, MD, Chair
David Maron, MD, Vice Chair

Credentials Committee
Terry Hicks, MD, Chair

CREST Committee
Scott Steele, MD, Chair
Joshua Bleier, MD, Vice Chair

Finance and Management Committee
Patricia Roberts, MD, Chair

Fundamentals of Rectal Cancer Surgery Committee
Conor Delaney, MD, Chair

Healthcare Economics Committee
Stephen Sentovich, MD, Chair
William Harb, MD, Vice Chair

History of ASCRS Committee
David Beck, MD, Chair

International Committee
Michael Spencer, MD, Chair

Leadership COI Committee
Lester Rosen, MD, Chair

Local Arrangements Committee
Paul Shellito, MD, Co-Chair
Kelly Tyler, MD, Co-Chair

Membership Committee
Tonia Young-Fadok, MD, Chair
Joseph Carmichael, MD, Vice Chair

New Technologies Committee
Sonia Ramamoorthy, MD, Chair
Eric Haas, MD, Vice Chair

Operative Competency Evaluation Committee
Bradley Champagne, MD, Chair
Sandra de Montbrun, MD, Vice Chair

Professional Outreach Committee
Ian Paquette, MD, Chair

Program Committee
David Margolin, MD, Chair
David Vargas, MD, Vice-Chair

Public Relations Committee
Roberta Muldoon, MD, Chair
Jeffrey Morken, MD, Vice Chair

Quality Assessment and Safety Committee
Arden Morris, MD, Chair
Larissa Temple, MD, Vice Chair

Rectal Cancer Coordinating Committee
Steven Wexner, MD, Chair
James Fleshman, MD, Vice Chair

Regional Society Committee
Marc Sher, MD, Chair
Steven Schechter, MD, Vice Chair

Residents Committee
Eric Weiss, MD, Chair
Tereza Sardinha, MD, Vice Chair

Self-Assessment Committee
Matthew Mutch, MD, Chair
Charles Friel, MD, Vice Chair

Social Media
Kyle Cologne, MD, Chair
Sean Langenfeld, MD, Vice Chair

Video Based Education Committee
Slawomir Marecik, MD, Chair
Alessandro Fichera, MD, Vice Chair

Website Committee
David Margolin, MD, Chair
Paul Wise, MD, Vice Chair

Young Surgeons Committee
Anjali Kumar, MD, Chair
Jason Mizell, MD, Vice Chair