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2012 ASCRS National Media Awards

Andrew Spiegel, Chief Executive Officer of the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) and one of the world’s leading advocates on behalf of colorectal cancer patients, received the 2012 David Jagelman MD Award for Advocacy in Colorectal Cancer at the Society’s San Antonio Annual Meeting and a 2012 National Media Award honored Angie’s List Magazine, Indianapolis, IN, “for stories published throughout 2011 promoting colon health awareness.”

In making the Jagelman award, ASCRS Public Relations Committee member Dr. Scott Steele said Spiegel’s personal connection to the cause has helped to make him a passionate advocate on behalf of patients, and he is living proof that one person can make a difference. The Colon Cancer Alliance is the United States’ leading nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of colorectal cancer, supporting patients and their families, advocating on their behalf and supporting research.

Spiegel has a long and personal history with colorectal cancer. In 1998, his mother was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer. She exhibited numerous symptoms, which were ignored by her physicians, and died nine months later. It was then that Spiegel and a group of others founded the CCA to help bring greater public awareness to the disease and to provide support for those already affected.

“Mr. Spiegel’s achievements deserve recognition in the tradition of patient advocacy pioneered by our own Dr. David Jagelman,” Dr. Steele said. Dr. Jagelman, an ASCRS member and chair of the Department of Colorectal Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic Florida, was a widely admired patient advocate who founded and directed the Cleveland Clinic’s Familial Polyposis Registry.

The judges cited two articles in honoring Angie’s List, “Detection Dilemma” by Matthew Brady and “Colonoscopies: Costs vs. Care” by Joshua Palmer. Brady’s article “educates Angie’s List members about alternatives for screening for colon cancer, clearly explaining the differences—medical and financial—between sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy,” the national competition’s judges said. “Palmer addresses succinctly the issue of shopping for lower-priced procedures. Taken together, the work gives readers a better understanding of how to manage their health care,” the judges said.

Other 2012 ASCRS National Media Awards went to:

  • Broadcast: WXXI-Public Broadcasting, Rochester, NY, Second Opinion: “Colon Cancer II”;
  • Internet: H. Randolph Bailey, M.D., American College of Surgeons Patient Education Committee, Chicago, IL, Ostomy Home Skills Program for Patients.
Dr. John Monson accepts the National Media Award, broadcast category, on behalf of WXXI-Public Broadcasting.
Dr. John Monson accepts the National Media Award, broadcast category, on behalf of WXXI-Public Broadcasting.

Broadcast Award Winner: WXXI-Public Broadcasting
“WXXI-Public Broadcasting’s “Second Opinion” produced a compelling conversation tracing a young woman’s journey as she struggled to learn what was making her desperately ill as a 21-year-old college student. Her story was juxtaposed effectively with that of a 57-year-old man, whose symptoms were diagnosed in a timely and efficient manner. Program producers use the cases to dramatize the point that symptoms such as bleeding, bloating and intestinal pain always should be taken seriously despite the relative youth of the patient. Detailed and engaging interviews educate viewers as they learn about patient outcomes and hear the doctors’ render their second opinions,” the judges said in evaluation of the winning broadcast entry.

The National Media Award, internet category, went to ASCRS Past President Dr. H. Randolph Bailey and the American College of Surgeons Patient Education Committee.
The National Media Award, internet category, went to ASCRS Past President Dr. H. Randolph Bailey and the American College of Surgeons Patient Education Committee.

Internet Winner: American College of Surgeons Patient Education Committee
H. Randolph Bailey, MD, American College of Surgeons Patient Education Committee, effectively use new media tools to facilitate communication between patients, families and medical providers as they work through living with ostomy care,” the contest judges said.

“’Ostomy Home Skills Program for Patients’ offers helpful advice and information about what to expect from an ostomy procedure and its aftermath. Google ‘ostomy’ and you’re taken to YouTube videos from the package, so even if your doctor doesn’t give you the education committee’s packet, you have access to crisp, clear, well-edited video giving you everything you might want to know about choosing the right ostomy pouch, changing it and managing your health. This entry is a model for patient education in the Internet era,” the judges said.

Dr. Bailey is a past president of the ASCRS. Among others honored as members of the ACS Patient Education Committee are Dr. Ann C. Lowry, also an ASCRS past president; and ASCRS Members Drs. Daniel Rosenthal and Thomas R. Russell.

The winning Internet entry is available online at:

ASCRS began the National Media Awards in 1995 to honor excellence in communicating a better public understanding of colon and rectal disease, such as colon cancer, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis and Crohn’s Disease.