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Executive Council updates Society’s Strategic Plan for 2010-13

The Executive Council, working with 15 Past Presidents and key committee chairs, updated the Society’s Strategic Plan for the period 2010-13 during its February 6 Strategic Planning Retreat in Dallas, TX. The Society’s vision and mission were not changed. However, the beliefs, goals, and objectives have been refined and enhanced.

The specific strategies that will be undertaken to implement the plan will be determined in the coming months. Below are the Vision, Mission, Beliefs, Goals, and Objectives from the Society’s new Strategic Plan for 2010-13, which is also posted on the Website,

The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons is the recognized authority on conditions and diseases of the colon, rectum and anus.

The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons is an association of surgeons and other professionals dedicated to assuring high quality patient care by advancing the science through research and education for prevention and management of disorders of the colon, rectum and anus.

We believe in patient centered, high quality, high value health care. We achieve this care through professionalism, unique knowledge and skills, and the fellowship of our Society members.

Goals and Three-Year Objectives

Goal 1: Meet the educational needs of professionals regarding diseases of the small intestine, colon, rectum and anus.

  • Assure that the annual meeting reflects the Society’s Vision and Mission without regard to outside influence.

  • Develop a unified and integrated educational strategy.

  • Develop educational strategies to teach and assess technical competencies.

  • Disseminate and encourage the use and availability of a unified and integrated educational strategy and strategies to teach and assess technical competencies.

  • Define priorities of the Educational Endowment Fund.

Goal 2: Develop and disseminate a framework for the sustainable delivery of value-based colorectal surgical care.

  • Assess, develop, monitor and communicate to members national quality initiatives.

  • Assess, develop, monitor and communicate to members the available and future tools for evaluating the patient experience and shared decision-making.

  • Participate in effective advocacy for the support of clinical practice, research and education in color and rectal surgery.

  • Assess, develop, monitor and communicate to members tools for effective practice management in current and future models of care delivery systems.

  • Assess, develop, monitor and communicate to members the implementation of cost and comparative effectiveness research where appropriate.

  • Develop guiding principles for the responsible adoption of new technology.

  • Communicate current policy and implementation of the policy related to expert witness testimony complaints.

  • Develop a mechanism to evaluate complaints about expert testimony.

Goal 3: Promote our specialty, Society and its mission.

  • Periodically assess the needs and desires of the membership.

  • Evaluate the ASCRS website on a regular basis and continuously update it.

  • Establish ASCRS as the primary resource for information on diseases of the colon, rectum anus and small bowel.

  • Establish ASCRS as the leading resource for practice guidelines for colon and rectal disease.

  • Establish mechanisms for ASCRS to engage patients, payers and policy makers.

  • Brand the ASCRS.

  • Provide ASCRS members with the most up to date information regarding our specialty.

  • Establish and enhance media relationships to promote public awareness of colon and rectal disease.

Goal 4: Develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with other Societies and organizations to achieve the ASCRS Vision and Mission.

  • Enhance our relationship and participation in the American College of Surgeons in areas of advocacy, education and quality initiatives.

  • Identify key lay organizations and develop a plan to increase collaboration and visibility with these organizations.

  • Identify key surgical, non-surgical and allied health professional associations and develop a plan to increase collaboration and visibility with these organizations.

  • Identify key policy organizations and develop a plan to increase participation and visibility within these organizations.

  • Coordinate the activities of ASCRS members participating in outside organizations, including improving communications about those activities and standardizing the message.

  • Develop collaborations with other professional societies regarding CME educational opportunities.

  • Enhance collaboration and alignment of the ASCRS with the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgeons, the Program Directors Association, and the Residency Review Committee.

Goal 5: Promote and expand quality research for the prevention and management of diseases of the colon, rectum and anus.

  • Increase the endowment of the Research Foundation.

  • Complete one or more research projects that are clinically and surgically meaningful, multi-centered, definitive and will foster the position that ASCRS is the definitive organization in colon and rectal surgery.

  • Identify, develop and promote talented surgeons, students, and residents interested in performing research on colorectal diseases.

  • Facilitate and promote participation by all interested ASCRS members in ASCRS based research.

  • Promote awareness of the unique aspects of ASCRS Research Foundation activities to other research agencies, and increase collaboration with and ASCRS member participation in these agencies.

  • Promote and expand collaborative multi-institutional studies using other national models.

  • Assist ASCRS researchers to facilitate successful outcome of their research efforts.

  • Develop a new management agreement with Executive Administration and the Research Foundation.

  • Increase awareness of the ASCRS membership and leadership of Research Foundation activities and successes.

Goal 6: Maintain and enhance the Society’s effectiveness, efficiency and fiscal stability.

  • Optimize revenue streams to achieve financial independence.

  • Increase membership.

  • Define and enhance the value of membership.

  • Evaluate and coordinate fundraising activities.

  • Explore new funding opportunities to support MOC and colorectal trainees.

  • Conduct an annual review of implementation of the Strategic Plan and update the plan every three years.

  • Periodically evaluate administrative and governance structures for efficiency and effectiveness.

“During the past three years, many of the objectives established for the Strategic Plan have been completed. The update refreshes our thinking to reflect the realities of 2010 and gives our committees new opportunities to create strategies that will put our vision into action,” says ASCRS President Dr. James W. Fleshman, St. Louis, MO.